Simplify company research with ease.

With up-to-the-minute information on every company in the UK, Endole makes connecting company insights instant. By unifying authentic data to highlight and present companies with actionable company insights: Endole offers companies across the UK the perfect solution for their corporate research needs.

10 Year Full Financials

Access a decade of complete, authentic financials.

  • Access Complete Financials

    Browse a company's Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, as well as Calculated Ratio insights for every company across the UK.
  • Compare Current and Historic Financials

    Compare and contrast current performances against historical performances with easy-to-navigate current and historic financials.
  • Instant Performance Analysis

    Generate live performance graphs spanning 10 years and view which direction a company is heading in.

Corporate Group Structures

Explore company ownership.

  • Browse Entire Corporate Group Structures

    Navigate full corporate group structures and learn exactly who companies are backed by, as well as who they're backing.
  • Learn About Shareholders

    Discover who the people behind a company are, learn how many shares they hold, and what type, to understand every percentage owned of the company.
  • Uncover Company Property

    Learn what a company owns with a detailed breakdown of its intellectual property, including Trademarks and Domains.
  • Find Hidden Relationships

    Gain a true understanding of a company's obscure relations and learn which companies it shares mutual relations with.

Director & Secretary Insights

Learn about the people behind the company.

  • Browse through over 20 Million Directors

    Gain real-time insights on over 20 million directors, including directorship timelines, activity and statistics.
  • Understand Director Roles

    Learn about the people behind a company, including nationality, date of birth and their roles within the company.
  • Highlight Directors of Significance

    Identify directors-of-interest using role, status, occupation, nationality and country of residence search filters.

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Endole Insight is an intuitive software complete with extensive business information including detailed financials, corporate structures, directorship roles, as well as historical performances.Learn how Endole Insight can help you