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By empowering you with the needed, expansive knowledge to assess all risks, Endole Company Reports help protect your business while continously staying confident moving forward.START YOUR SEARCH NOW

Endole Credit Reports

Why Endole Credit Reports?

Every company in the UK

Access every data aspect available, for over 6 million companies nationwide.

A Complete View

Learn who you're dealing with and instantly reduce risks in your decisions.

Real-time Assessment

Gain a live view of a company's risk with real-time information assessment.

Instant Download

View Company Reports immediately with instantly downloadable Reports.

Confidential Credit Checks

Perform confidential credit checks on companies without their knowledge.


Understand a company's risk clearly, with easy-to-navigate information throughout.

Authentic Insights

Explore data that are derived from official sources and updated on a daily basis.

Dedicated Support

Get assistance every step of the way from our versatile support team.

What's Included

Actionable insights on every company aspect imaginable.

Credit Score & Limits

Utilise our advanced credit scoring algorithm for instant evaluation of a company's risk and learn precisely how much risk they hold, as well as Recommended Credit Limits.

5 Year Financial Accounts

Discover 5 years’ worth of complete financial accounts for every company in the UK. Including Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss, Calculated Ratios and more.

County Court Judgements (CCJ) and Charges

Uncover detailed CCJ breakdowns and learn how companies view their corporate debt, and exactly what approach they take to satisfying them.

Director & Secretaries

Learn about each person behind a company, including nationality, date of birth, their roles within the company and how long they've been around.

Shareholders & Ownership

Discover how much shares are held, what type, and learn about every percentage owned of a company. Including People with Significant Control (PSC) insights.

Corporate Group Structure

Discover exactly who companies are backed by, and who they're backing, with a breakdown of a company's corporate group structure.

Trading Addresses

Understand where a company trades from and explore every branch with trading address data, reaching out to them with up-to-the-minute contacts.

Official Documents

Track company activity through Document Filing activity and instantly download and view over 120 million Official Companies House documents.
Take a moment to view our sample credit report for Tesco Plc - View Sample Report