Manage business risk with confidence.

Endole offers companies a robust solution to eliminate credit risk with one complete platform. Providing teams with an in-depth understanding of a company's ability to meet financial deadlines based on past performances, current activity, as well as hidden adversity.

10 Year Full Financials

Understand financial performances completely.

  • Easy Financials Comparison

    Compare and contrast current performances against historical performances with easy-to-navigate current and historic financials.
  • Analyse Performances Instantly

    Learn which direction a company's heading in by generating real-time charts to instantly analyse every financial with ease.
  • Access Complete Financials

    Browse a company's Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, as well as Calculated Ratio insights with a decade of authentic financials.

Diverse Ownership Structures

See the full picture.

  • Browse Entire Corporate Group Structures

    Navigate full corporate group structures and learn exactly who companies are backed by, as well as who they're backing.
  • Learn About Shareholders

    Discover who the people behind a company are, learn how many shares they hold, and what type, to understand every percentage owned of the company.
  • Find Hidden Relationships

    Gain a true understanding of a company's obscure relations and learn which companies it shares mutual relations with.

Detailed Credit Risk Analysis

Move forward with confidence.

  • Download Detailed Credit Risk Reports

    Gain comprehensive insights and assess your risks before making a decision, to avoid business risk and continuously make confident decisions moving forward.
  • View Complete Charge History

    Discover exactly when and how much money a company has loaned, from who, and learn whether those loans are yet to be repaid.
  • Generate Real-time Credit Scores & Limits

    Understand how safe a company is and stay informed of the risks it may carry moving forward with, using real-time, current and previous Credit Scores and Limits.
  • Explore Historic Track Records

    Learn how companies view their corporate debt, and exactly what approach they take to satisfying them using 6 years' CCJ history.

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