B2B lead generation for accelerated corporate growth.

Offering a complete solution that's designed to drive B2B marketing campaigns. Endole is the right solution for marketing teams looking to expand their B2B lead generation, increase potential lead quality and gain a complete understanding of business opportunities.

Build Targeted Lists

Identify companies that match your ideal customer profile.

  • Uncover Every UK Company

    Search through over 7 million companies, and immediately find new qualified leads that fit your company customer profile.
  • Target By Financials

    Create targeted lists of high-quality prospects using over 50 advanced criteria, including finance-based filters.
  • Target By Location

    Narrow your search down to the companies who matter geographically most to you with location-based segmentation.
  • Target By Industry

    Target companies throughout every UK industry using Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) segmentation.

Identify Companies of Value

Understand the value of every targeted lead.

  • Analyse Financial Performances

    Evaluate whether or not a company is in a position to engage in your proposition by generating live performance graphs spanning 10 years, to view which direction a company is headed.
  • Discover Credit Scores & Limits

    Understand how safe a company is and stay informed of the risks it may carry moving forward with, using real-time current and previous Credit Scores, Limits and Alerts.
  • Monitor Company Activity

    Track company activity and freely control which companies you monitor, ensuring that when a sales trigger appears in a company you care about, you'll be the first to react.

Review, Save, and Export

Transform leads into long-term clients.

  • Maintain Control

    Identify needed key B2B marketing data fields (including decision maker Contacts and Latest Financials) and preview lists before exporting to spreadsheet for easy CRM integration.
  • Share With Colleagues

    Save and share your targeted search with colleagues across your organisation with easy Save facility for continued cloud usability (ideal for your sales team).
  • Export to Spreadsheet

    Export your bespoke list of companies to spreadsheet (Excel, CSV) and immediately begin reaching out to the companies that meet your ideal customer profile.

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