Geographic Reports

Whether you're looking to understand business activities in a town, city, or region, the Endole Geographic Report breaks down key aspects of every locality – offering you a thorough view of every location in the UK.

Explore further with Geographic Reports.

Endole Geographic Reports offer companies a full insight into a location, including its influencers, opportunities and challenges, as well as it's overall health, helping businesses make informed decisions with absolute confidence.
  • Explore who the major influencers are

    Determine the stability of an area by understanding who the greatest influencers of that locality are, as well as their background, and their financial activity.
  • Highlight opportunities within an area

    Learn about the industries and locations belonging to an area with a proven track record for success, including current up-and-coming opportunities for assured growth.
  • Understand location health with En-Score

    Gain an instant understanding of how successful a company is likely to be with geographical En-Score, produced by financial and credit risk analysis of every company within a location.
  • Examine historical trends

    Understand how a location has changed over time with historical trends and examine growth and decline patterns for businesses across every industry.
  • Identify challenges in an area

    Explore challenges within an area through detailed descriptions of decline throughout companies of all sizes and instantly evaluate the risks associated within an area.

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