Business Credit Monitoring

Whether you're looking to monitor your suppliers, clients, prospective customers, or even your own business credit, Endole Business Credit Monitoring is the perfect solution, giving you a complete perspective of how your company Credit Score is viewed by lenders and suppliers across the UK.

Monitor your business credit.

Understand how lenders, suppliers and customers view your business credit and monitor changes to your Endole Company Credit Score with complete ease.
  • See how your business credit is viewed

    See how lenders, suppliers and customers view your company by understanding your Business Credit Score with a breakdown of past and current scores.
  • Stay alert to changes in your credit

    Monitor your Business Credit Score with instant alerts notifying you every time your credit score has changed helping you react accordingly, right away.
  • Learn how your credit has changed over time

    Understand how your Business Credit Score has changed over time, with previous credit score monitoring, allowing you to easily explore your credit history.
  • View County Court Judgements

    Learn about the County Court Judgements (CCJ) filed against your company, including if they're still active, when they were issued, by who, as well as the amount owed.
  • Monitor the companies you care about

    Watch the Credit Score of your clients or potential customers alongside your own Business Credit Score and make informed decisions moving forward.

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