Trademark & Brand Monitoring

With up-to-the-minute monitoring of trademarks and intellectual property, Endole helps you actively protect your brand's integrity from companies incorporating with like names and registering similar trademarks, making brand monitoring instant, and easier than ever.

Actively protect your brand.

Endole monitors for infringed trademarks and similarly named companies. Helping you react immediately with instant notifications as soon as they appear.
  • Track similar trademarks.

    Watch for similar trademarks with notifications about new, closely matched company trademarks and create a strategy to protect your firm accordingly.
  • Resolve conflicting trademarks.

    Challenge conflicting trademarks as soon as they appear with instant alerts, helping you easily and actively protect your brand's property.
  • Explore like company names.

    Keep updated on new company names that could be confused for yours with authentic details for the company, including Registered Name and Address.
  • Protect your company name.

    Stay on top of conflicting company names with Registered Name monitoring for every company in the UK and ensure your brand continuously keeps its originality.
  • Keep alerted in real-time.

    Get real-time alerts for triggers selected by you, with minute-by-minute data updates ensuring you're notified of potential threats to your brand as soon as they appear.

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